Announcing our 2020 Workshop and Event Dates!

This past summer we hosted our inaugural season of concerts, cookouts,
farm-to-table dinners, moonlight paddles and lifelong learning workshops.
Registration is temporarily closed due to Covid-19!

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The Sebago Center strengthens community and advances a sustainable environmental, economic, and social ecosystem through integrated education, infrastructure, and enterprise.






Our Pillars

The foundation of our work rests on three distinct but integrated institutes made up of a community of learners spanning all ages.

Our Strategy

The Sebago Center’s mission is brought to life through the thoughtful implementation of the following integrated strategies.


We teach relevant skills and share the knowledge needed by workers and entrepreneurs of all ages to build a resilience in the workforce which supports the development of important Maine industries.


We build and share infrastructure that demonstrate sustainable operations, serve as learning labs for competency based learning, and support the development of new businesses.


We launch, operate, and continuously improve enterprises that serve as models of sustainability in their ecosystem and facilitate dialogue and problem solving across industries to support systemic change.  

Our Values

The following core principles shape who we are and the work we are called to do in the world.

Human Well-Being

We commit to serving and advocating for those in need locally and around the world.


We seek to rebalance the social-ecological system so that we can strengthen our capacity to deal with environmental change.

Care for the Biosphere

We support those who are cooperating for the care of the earth and its ecosystems.

Our Partners

The Sebago Center and its partners are committed to working together to strengthen the vitality of our community.