Integrative Aging

The Institute For Integrative Aging

Our nation’s—and in fact the world’s—median age is rising rapidly. Maine has the highest median age of any state in the country (43.5 years). We have a surplus of baby boomers and a shortage of young adults. Aging populations experience health issues, housing problems, social isolation, and many other needs that require a well-trained and emotionally prepared workforce.

Integrative aging seeks to advance the concepts of integrative medicine and healthcare to develop an understanding and approach to aging that recognizes its complexity. Through this lens, the multi-dimensional aspects of aging (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual) are recognized, and the societal factors that impact aging (socio-economic, urban vs. rural issues, cultural identity) are considered. Ultimately, integrative aging seeks to empower each individual to select an integrated approach to one’s own longevity. 

The Institute for Integrative Aging is an intergenerational, experiential learning environment where our students will be prepared to support an aging population, innovate to develop solutions to the challenges of aging, and obtain the skillset and knowledge to develop the longevity economy.

“A new generation of older adults is beginning to demand far more out of later life than ever before: not just passive consumerism, but the active pursuit of meaning. It’s impossible to say exactly what tomorrow’s older adults will find meaningful as they begin to explore new possibilities in old age; likely, it will be a variety of things broad enough to defy description. But what will change will be the presence of products and services designed to support them on their journey.”

Joe Coughlin, Founder & Director, MIT AgeLab


Silver Ukuleles

Six-week Beginner Ukulele Class

Experience the joy of music, learn a new skill, be social, and have fun! Learning to play the ukulele is a cumulative process. Your instructor will teach you a minimum of 4-8 chords with a variety of strumming patterns, which will allow you to play a variety of songs. By the end of the 6-week class the students should be able to play all of the songs in the music book.

Meet your instructor: Deb Shugars, “ukulele deb”
Silver Ukulele classes are led by Deborah Shugars, a recently retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has reignited her passion for music. Along with being a skilled Uke player, Deb is also a talented Djembe drummer and has been involved with the Chamber Singers.


Wednesdays, July 10 – August 14

1:00PM – 2:00PM

The Stone Barn | 278 Whites Bridge Road | Standish, ME



$120 for six-week program

Ukulele rentals available


Register By:

July 3, 2019


Silver Sneakers

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for seniors in partnership with Tivity Health. The community you can build at The Sebago Center extends well beyond a SilverSneaker’s fitness class, however. Attend an aqua fitness class or use our pool, walk the indoor track in the Harold Alfond Center, enjoy lunch in our dining hall at Pearson’s Cafe, wander our campus trail system, join us for Mass in Healy Chapel, or use our library to relax with your favorite book. Our campus offers a variety of ways for seniors to engage with one another and our community.


Tuesdays | 11AM-11:45AM SilverSneakers Muscle – This class incorporates athletic exercises that boost overall fitness. Move through muscle conditioning blocks and activity-specific drills to improve strength and functional skill.

Thursdays | 11AM-11:45AM SilverSneakers Stability – Get stronger and improve your balance through exercises that strengthen the ankle, knee, and hip joints all in a fun and social setting. This class is designed specifically for fall prevention.

Fridays | 11AM-11:45AM SilverSneakers Classic – This class is perfect for an individual who is new to exercise, but is also appropriate for anyone wanting to improve their muscular endurance and flexibility. Pricing: $5 to drop-in or $25 for a 5-punch card SilverSneakers Members who are eligible attend for free.

Parking: Anyone using the Alfond Center needs to use the parking lot behind the building; there is no parking allowed at the front of the building. Handicapped parking spots are also located in the back. 


Contact Heather DiYenno, IIA Program Director, for more information
at 893-7641 or