Integrative Aging

The Institute For Integrative Aging

We aim at providing rural older adults access to a creative, age-friendly, intergenerational learning environment, with the goal to combat social isolation and loneliness. We recognize that through this initiative, we are also creating a student body and a workforce that is well-equipped to support a (rapidly growing) aging population.

The Institute for Integrative Aging at Saint Joseph’s College is structured to include Five Key Focus Areas:

• Education
• Social & Spirituality Enrichment
• Rural Connectivity
• Fitness & Wellness
• Residential Community

Each focus area incorporates activities to help combat social isolation and loneliness for our older population through participation in a variety of social and wellness activities and lifelong learning opportunities – a holistic approach. In addition, there are added benefits for increased engagement, education, and growth for our students on campus and for the community at large, which will draw upon a trained workforce and diverse partnerships.


Contact Heather DiYenno, IIA Program Director, for more information
at 893-7641 or