The Sebago Center Cross-Sector Partnership Community is a collection of individuals, corporations, small businesses, NGOS, not-for-profits, and institutions that work together to disrupt, innovate, and restore balance to Maine’s social-ecological systems. Our commitment to each other is that we will leverage our resources, core competencies, missions, and talent to collectively strengthen our communities and rebalance our relationship to nature. Partnerships with the Sebago Center can vary in scope and purpose but are uniform in their alignment. Our partnership program upholds six commitments to those who join us:

1. We build together to create positive systemic change

2. We set clear goals and expectations.

3. We measure our impact.

4. We actively communicate and share our stories.

5. We build structured, synergistic, and unique relationships and are the ambassadors of our partners’ work

6. We intrinsically connect our value systems



Our current partners include:


Interested in partnering with us? Contact Maya Atlas, Enterprise Start Up Specialist and Operations Manager for more information at 207-893-6624